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100% ENGLISH Channel 4 T.V

"I was born in England. I was born English, my parents were English, my grandparents were English and their parents were English and it goes back and back, so I am English through and through," says comedian Danny Blue.
Channel 4 invited me to see how English I really am.

A prime-minister's daughter, a peer of the realm, a tabloid journalist, a lawyer, a country lady, a trainee soldier, a stand-up comic and a woman who works in the fishing industry: all of them are convinced they come from solid Anglo-Saxon stock. With the help of cutting edge DNA analysis, 100% English reveals the secrets of their hidden origins which cover most of the globe.

Lord Tebbit, Garry Bushell, Danny Blue and Carol Thatcher are among the eight participants who have agreed to place their genetic make-up under the microscope. Art-critic and expert in British culture Andrew Graham-Dixon presents this enlightening exploration of what it means to be English.

So confident are some of the participants of their genetic origins, they explain in great detail to Andrew what they believe makes someone truly English. For one country lady, you must be 'flaxen-haired' while Grimsby resident Nicola Hale says you must be able to trace your family back at least 1,000 years and pub comedian Danny Blue decrees that to claim to be truly English you can't have black skin.

Uncovering the truth of their ancestry culminates in some surprising results as DNA testing reveals some of them to have Turkish, Ukrainian, African and even Chinese origins. Genealogical traces unearth potential links for some of the participants to notorious historical figures such as Genghis Khan and ethnic groups such as the Romany gypsies.

With issues of ethnic and national identity foremost in Government policy and public thinking, 100% English challenges the core beliefs of those who believe they are archetypal Englishmen and women with fascinating results.

My Results:
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This just goes to show that there is no such the as a 100% ENGLISH person.


As third child in a broken family of four, Danny Blue easily lost concentration on his school work and used the schoolrooms to get laughs. Of course, that was a problem with the teachers, so he just spent a lot of time roaming around Tooting in South London. Some afternoons found him fishing in the ponds of Tooting Bec and Wandsworth Commons, running gags through his mind whilst casting his maggots to the Roach and Perch.

Bruce ForsytheAt the age of fourteen, when not roaming the streets He would like to watch "Sunday Night at The London Palladium" starring Bruce Forsythe and The Tiller Girls, and dreamed that one day he would get on the show . On February 24th 1991, a Sunday night, Danny appeared at Palladium TV ScreenThe London Palladium introduced by John Inman, telling the audience the little story of Danny's dream. Since then Danny has appeared in EASTENDERS, TAGGART, THE DES O'CONNOR SHOW, BBC's cop Drama BACKUP", Kevin Whately's BROKERS MAN and more infamously his appearances over 10 years in Jim Davidson's "Sinderella". Constantly touring the U.K, He is creating mayhem wherever he performs. No one is immune from  his verbal'Digging Out'.

Over the past 15 years Danny has appeared in most of Dave Lee's Happy Holidays shows at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. Along with Dave Lee a host of stars appear including Jim Davidson, Bradley Walsh, The Drifters, The Oddballs, Toyah Wilcox, Brian Conley among others.

Bradley Walsh

"Throughout Danny's career, he has been featured in many television programs and documentaries not only in the U.K but Australia, Scandinavia, and most of Europe. In 1995 Danny was asked to play a comedian in the Greek Blockbuster movie -"The Love Path" for Olympic Films. An outrageous comedian, British politician (The Monster Raving Loony Party) with a flair for magic and an entrepreneurial who excels at media relations . Danny has been banned from Chicago, denounced by British parliament, and threatened with his life in Australia all while raising money for charity and becoming the focus of hundreds of newspaper articles and dozens of radio and TV interviews with his outrageous sport of "Dwarf-throwing competions during the nineteen-eighties. Danny rattles off joke after joke, one liner

Adult Cabaret

after one liner for his attentive audience. Moving from subject to subject, race to race his coolness belies the tangential state of topics….. Sex, Race, Gender, The wife, the mother-in-law, police and just about every subject is covered that would offend the politically correct of this planet. After leaving school, Danny served HMS Excellent, Beales the Butchers and a Unigate milkman, played drum's in various bands where he earned sod all. He then proceeded to utilize that education by pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. Danny learnt his trade by fronting his world infamous act “The Oddballs” well known for appearing totally naked apart from a couple of balloons and the odd sock.